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"These crabs taste in-crab-ible."

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I can’t. I JUST CAN’T.


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"Me and BC in our glad-rags." (From GQ Awards 2014. x)


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"Well, firstly, I think what’s remarkable about us as a group, and I would pay tribute to the group on this, is that there hasn’t been any fallings out, there hasn’t been any fist fights, and there hasn’t even been really, really strong words. And there’s a lot of blokes in there. A company of men, with egos, not falling out is kind of cool. I’ve not known it, I’ve not known it for this long. I’ve never done a job for this long. But the fact that we’ve all kept our heads and tried to act as a group and tried to be sensitive– I think it would be different if there was four of us. If there was four of you, there’s nowhere to hide. You just have to get on with the other three people. But because there’s a lot more than that, you can just go there one day, and there, it’s a bit more evenly spread out. So we’ve really held together as a group very, very well. And like anything else, like any other working relationship, it’s about finding your place within it, finding when it’s your turn, finding out when it’s not your turn. And I’m amazed how well it’s happened, I really am. It’s one of the things I’m proudest of, actually. And I think it’s one of the things we’ll all be proudest of in ten years, is that we all maintained quite a good working relationship, and pretty friendly, really. I think the hard thing is don’t make the drama school mistake of, first two weeks: “You’re my best friend, I love you, I love you!” And then Christmas comes: “Ah, bitch.” Because if you go in too strong, it will all go to shit. But we’re all feeling each other out. Not literally, that would be wrong. But as a group, finding out just where we all slot in. And it’s amazing– I’m not trotting out any party line here, we’re all getting on fine, which is about as good as you could hope for after a year and a half. And we’re still going out for meals, still going out for drinks, still being round each other’s houses without wanting to kill each other, which is no mean feat.”

Martin Freeman on the Hobbit cast

We’re sort of like a team. "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" type thing.

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Ladies, idk about the rest of you, but the warning signs that my period is approaching are often worse than the period itself. Screaming alarms in my body like OH MY GOD IT’S FUCKING COMING!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!! when the actual event is just kinda eh whatever



You know few things are more beautiful than Sherlock’s face in the pilot when John calls him brilliant on their first crime scene



GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/2] favourite actors » Jared Padalecki

hey, young blood
doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?

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